The Painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe by AO – Anthony Oropeza

2021 Our Lady of Guadalupe painting by Anthony AO Oropeza

The Painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe by AO – April 2021

Considered to be one of the most underrated painters in the KC area, Anthony Oropeza (AO) of KC is showing an increased level of work each and every piece. His work (sports, religious, etc.) seems to captivate the viewers on so many emotional levels.

AO brings to life the the beauty and serenity of this highly honored religious icon of Mexico and of the Mexican-America people across the United States

There are many famous paintings of Our Lady of Guadalupe, but this one just might be added to that category some day.

Not hailed yet as one of the most artistic and creative individuals to ever live or to come out of KC, AO’s work spans across fields of art and design, but his friends, associates and fans believe one day he will prove  himself as nothing short of being one of the best.

AO’s Our Lady of Guadalupe, a 4’x2′ acrylic on canvas is on excellent piece of work that has to seen up close and personal.

AO hopes to add more religious piece to his collection so that one day he can have a religious only art show – unless they are all purchased.

Prints of AO’s Our Lady of Guadalupe are available at

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