Elsa painting by Anthony AO Oropeza


By Anthony “AO” Oropeza
Media: Acrylic / Surface: Wood Board / Size: 24″ x 36″
Original: SOLD


“Elsa” – an AO Original

Another AO Original of an iconic animation character.  AO loves drawing comic book and animation characters and will always jump to the opportunity to recreate a original piece of one of the million characters he loves – and Elsa is definitely one!

2019-Elsa-by Anthony AO Oropeza closeup

A longtime friend of AO asked if you painted animated characters, and then asked if he’d paint an original for his little princess.  AO was honored.  He completed it just in time for Christmas.  It was one of her favorite Christmas gifts and will always be a treasure in their home.


Progress Pics

We will post a few pics of the progress soon!



A Versatile Designer/Painter/Artist

Although it may seem that AO only paints sports pieces, don’t be fooled.  This Elsa piece is a prime example of his work.

If you haven’t seen his body of work in the past 5 years, his social media channels will open your eyes.  Yes, AO loves sports, but he will never shy away from his other childhood love – cartoons and comic books!  Growing up his loves were the Looney Tunes, Disney, animation, and of course, comic books!  And any chance AO gets to display his love for cartoons, animation and comic book art, on canvas, wood or paper, he will.  With that, AO always adds that unique style and excitement to his comic book and animation pieces that kids of all ages can appreciate.

We hope you enjoy this beautiful work of art as much as AO enjoyed creating it.  And for AO, it was, and always will be a huge honor to create work for others and their homes.


Interested In Your Own Original?

Interested in purchasing this piece or your commissioning your own original, please contact the AOART5 Studio.


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