Satchel Paige

SatchelPaige by Anthony AO Oropeza

Satchel Paige, Kansas City Monarchs

By Anthony “AO” Oropeza
Media: Mixed Media / Surface: Wood Panel / Size: 3’x 4′
Original: $6,500


“Satchel Paige” – An AO Original

AO knocks another fantastically design piece of fine sports art out of the park – again! This larger than life athlete, Satchel Paige, is memorialized in AO’s gritty yet captivating design of the famed Kansas City Monarch pitcher.

Painting with a Story

From left to right and top to bottom the work tells a story. The piece, like so many others of AO’s work, gives you a sense of being in the same moment of action the player is in. But with this Satchel Paige piece, there is something more than great balanced design, color usage and excellent use of imagery and artistic painting style – there is a story of the good and bad of being a great baseball player of color in that day and age in our great country.

Satchel Paige by Anthony AO Oropeza

The Supporting Imagery of  “Satchel Paige”

The supporting imagery in AO’s “Satchel Paige” piece shows a peek of what athletes of color at that time had to deal with in order to play a game that they loved and that partially supported their way of life. Every player had to put the bad behind them – while looking forward to work toward greatness that was ahead of them.

The “Satchel Paige”, a 3-foot by 4-foot mixed media creation, on wood panel, displays a heavily textured surfaced with the gritty and rugged look and feel that mirrors the way the Negro League players played back in the day.

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