The CBE Mural

The College Basketball Experience Mural by AO
*Above is only a portion of the final design

Design by Anthony “AO” Oropeza
Media: Acrylic Paint / Surface: Concrete / Size: 12’x 17′ / Press Releases / Prints Available Soon

Project: The College Basketball Experience Mural by AO

AO’s Design Chosen for The College Basketball Experience Hoop Shop Mural


AOART5 llc and Strong Ave. Studios are proud to announce that Owner, Art Director and Lead Creative, Anthony “AO” Oropeza was selected to design and paint a 17ft x 12ft mural in The College Basketball Experience’s “Hoop Shop” located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, in the Power and Light District. The mural design includes a UMKC presence, including the UMKC logo and silhouettes of past UMKC basketball players along with AO’s consistent balance of layout and color.

About the Design

Oropeza submitted a design and proposal in Feb of 2016 and was selected a month later in March for the project. The design is now the new backdrop of the The College Basketball Experience Hoop Shop located on the 2nd floor of the famed home of the College Basketball Hall of Fame.

The two-dimensional 17ft x 12ft design will have a college and street feel to it.  The design will include The College Basketball Experience Logo, the UMKC logo and silhouettes of UMKC players in play. It is a colorful eye-catching design and shows the connection between the street, the hip-hop culture and the college basketball culture.

The AOART5 / Strong Ave. Studio Team: The Artists

A small team of artists was assembled to assist AO with the monster project. Arkansas artist Jon Woodard was the main contributor assisting AO. He made a trip to Kansas City to assist in completing the design project. Kansas City artist Darryl Woods offered a few hours with his painting skills as well.

“This mural was an awesome piece to design, especially for a great Kansas City facility like The College Basketball Experience.”, Oropeza says. Oropeza also said, “As a huge college basketball fan, it is even a bigger honor to be given the opportunity to put a small artistic stamp on the KC and college basketball scene. My goal was to create something that not only the CBE and UMKC would like, but something the CBE visitors, fans, out-of-towners and most importantly something that many Kansas Citians would want to see and possibly be proud of.”

Project Start Date

Project started April 20, 2017 and ended early May 2016, and took approximately 120 hours to complete.

About The College Basketball Experience (The CBE)

Established in October, 2007, the College Basketball Experience (CBE) is a division of the National Association of Basketball Coaches Foundation, a national leader in philanthropic activities involving the education and mentoring of youth. The CBE is a multi-purpose, multi-use facility, family entertainment center for all ages. The award winning and nationally recognized CBE is home to the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame. This highly unique facility celebrates the history of men’s collegiate basketball in the town where it literally all began ñ Kansas City, Missouri. The history of the game, including the great coaches, players, teams and championship games are highlighted in the CBE. Visitors from across the globe have come to marvel at and be a part of this living, impressive and unparalleled venue.

Special Thanks to Those Who Assisted in the The CBE Project

Artist:“Big Thanks” to all those who assisted in this project:

Jon Woodard
Darryl Woods

Local Businesses:
American Scaffold
Home Depot (Shawnee & Mission)
Midwest Painting

Additional Assistance
Steve Taylors Delivery Service

” Big Thanks” to The CBE Staff
Kevin & Celest
and to the staff that were there every day and night
John and the rest of the team

A HUGE THANKS YOU to Events, Marketing & Social Media Manager – Cassie Norton

And a Special Thanks all family and social media friends on FB, Twitter & Instagram for all your positive support.

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