Strike Out Slavery

Strike Out Slavery Anthony Oropeza Logo Design

Strike Out Slavery – Logo Design

AO and AOART5 were asked by philanthropist Deidre Puljols, wife of future MLB Hall of Famer Albert Puljols, to help with a logo design for her new foundation.  This amazing woman was starting an organization for an extremely remarkable cause named “Strike Out Slavery”. She is on a mission to stop human slavery, and she wanted our help to create a logo for your project.

Objective: Create a new and cool meaningful logo for Strike Out Slavery with a baseball design for a new foundation that will be helping, empowering and giving others a second chance at life.

Requirements: Think baseball. Think slavery. Think movement. Think simple.

She previously had a logo already created by a California firm but was 100% about it – so she called me.  So a number of preliminary sketches and ideas were exchanged with Deidre, and a final was submitted.  I thought the project was complete. But in Deidre Pujols fashion, she though out the idea of using elements of our design and elements of the L.A. firm’s design.  We tweaked all the elements and BOOM! was tweaked an amazing logo was created.

About Strike Out Slavery

STRIKE OUT SLAVERY was created by Albert and Deidre Pujols with the goal of raising awareness about the existence of modern-day slavery and rising funds for major organizations fighting this insidious crime internationally.

Strike Out Slavery Anthony Oropeza Logo Design

The logo was then modified in a few ways (see various images) and made to adapt to various branding and marketing situations: web, invitations, clothing, banners, and more!

Strike Out Slavery Anthony Oropeza Logo Design

Then the Albert Pujols and Nick Jonas Effect

Being part of a design/project that not only is for a great cause, like Strike Out Slavery,but having big-time players like Albert Pujols and Nick Jonas wear our logo, is one of the coolest things about designing this logo. Having those two powerhouses, along with Deidre leading the way, gives great exposure to the cause, our logo, and to the branding of the organization.

Strike Out Slavery - AO Logo Design

Working With Great Clients and Their Causes

For the second time, it was a huge pleasure to work with an awesome person for an awesome cause. We were so honored to work with Deidre, as she again, gave us freedom of creativity, then once she started seeing something she liked, she worked on it with us to make it better. She ultimately, combined our design (the inside part of the design) and she treated the outside of the design with a portion of what she had previously had designed in L.A.. In the end, it turned out to be a logo she loved. Check out her site and join the cause at

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