Sports Art


AO – Sports Artist

Sports Artist is just one title, Anthony “AO” Oropeza holds in the art world today.  With his brilliant color combinations, stunning energetic images and use of a graphic design – he is bringing more energy to the sports art world. Checkout a few of his latest pieces of sports work.





Designer of the Art

AO designs his work.  For it to be an original AO sports piece, he has to be able to create it. That means he has to create the layout, design and he selects his own color scheme – anything less – is not an Oropeza original.  As an artist and designer, AO works best when he has total creative freedom.  Clients are more than welcome to provide suggested  images and words for the piece – but AO has final say on the layout and design of the work – if not, its not an AO original.


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