AO co-host on the Big Mod Cast Podcast

AO – Co-Host on the BigModCast

December 2023 – Mar 2024

Honored to be Co-Host of a Podcast

As if a full time job and running a freelance sports painting business was not enough, AO was asked by good friend and creator/host Mario Garcia to be a co-host on his Big Mod Cast podcast.

AO on the Big Mod Cast Podcast

AO brings is communication experience and thirst for knowledge and love for wanting to know the backstory to many of the events in the guest’s lives.  “I like to know the stuff that motivated people do what they did or do.  I want to know what changed their life and the impact it had on them.  For me, I think it might inspire the viewer as it does me … “, says AO.


Snip-its from the Show

2024 – Mr. Robert Lopez – KCK Sumner High School Student Guidance Counselor

2024 – Mr. Beto Lopez – President & CEO of Guadalupe Center Inc. in Kansas City

About the BigModCast

The BigModCast is a weekly podcast that features Mario’s childhood friends and family to reminisce on the past & to document stories before those memories disappear.

Per Mario, “MOD” is not short for “Mario”, its  meaning is something deeper, it means “Memories Often Disappear”. The podcast’s main objective is to share stories with friends and family in remembering the good old times of the past. Garcia and team travel through the decades while all the memories of his youth come flooding back and seeing just how far him and his guest have come in their lives.

The Big Mod Cast puts out a new episode every Tuesday on YouTube.

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