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Open Gate International – Logo Design

Found on Instagram and impressed by his work, AO was contacted by philanthropist and wife of future MLB Hall of Famer, Albert Pujols, Deidre Puljols. She was looking for a logo designer for her new venture. She was starting a foundation for an extremely remarkable cause. She was going to give the less fortunate a trade – in the culinary arts.

Objective: Create a cool logo design for a new foundation that will be helping, empowering and giving others a second chance at life.

Requirements: Think comic books. Think global, world, strength and empowerment (the comic book element is due to her of Wonder Woman).


So a number of preliminary sketches and ideas were exchanged working closely Deidre, and a final was submitted. She then took our final logo, and in Deidre Pujols fashion, she worked with her team in L.A. and the design was tweaked a bit to an amazing final logo.

 open gate international web image 

The logo was then modified in a few ways (see various images) and made to adapt to various branding and marketing situations: web, invitations, clothing, banners, and more!


About Open Gate International

Open Gate International was founded to represent the Oppressed, the Powerless, the Endangered and the Neglected (OPEN) by offering them Global Alternative Training and Employment (GATE).

Training and mentoring is at the heart of everything they do. By providing the knowledge, skills and abilities to obtain meaningful employment, we empower our students to develop a happy, healthy life by way of the culinary arts.


Working With Great Clients and Their Causes

It is always a huge pleasure work with awesome clients with awesome ideas and causes. One of the wonderful things is hearing from the client complimentary phrases on a regular basis like: “You are the expert.”; “I trust your judgement.”; “You are the creative one, do your thing…” and “What do you think…”, and Deidre was no different. She gave us freedom and then once she started seeing something she liked, she worked on it with us to make it better. And ultimately, she had a logo she loved. check out her site at

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