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AOART5 About Us ArtCreative and Focused Studio – Out Of KC!

AOART5 is an art & design studio out of Kansas City founded and ran by Chief Creative Artist & Designer: Anthony “AO” Oropeza. AOART5 was founder over 15 years ago and has produced many great projects.  In the past 6-10 years, AO has started to solidify his mark in KC as an accomplished publisher and sports artist.

AOART5 is a studio that pursues masterful artistry and design while taking on fun, challenging and creative projects with giving a high level of customer service.

AO is a designer who enjoys creating and producing sports art, abstract art/fine art, comic books, graphic  & web design.

AOART5’s goal is to exceeding the client’s expectation in customer service through an exchange of ideas, communication, planning, design, hard work and delivering on it.

Here’s the Kicker – Different Work Schedule

AO work at night and weekends – he is definitely deadline driven.  Working nights and weekends is unusual and not easy for most businesses / designers but that is what it takes to complete a project and it also helps keeps our prices low.


Please Note: AO DOES NOT Have a Studio Building – But He Does Have Studio.
No brick and mortar …  No warehouse …  No gallery … at least not yet. So please do not drive around KC looking to pop in and chat or buy a piece of work. AO just utilizes a space in his home-studio, and various coffee shops across the city. So for some meetings with clients, AO loves utilizing a small list of local KC coffee shops and eateries.

Hours of Operation

Nights & Weekends – No Normal Business Hours Here – Not Faking!
AO (and most of his project Creatives) work nights and weekends.  The reason, AO has a steady 9-5’er and enjoys working on other projects in his spare time.

The Guy – AO

Learn about AOART5’s Chief Creative, Artist/Designer: Anthony “AO” Oropeza
Check out the About AO page.

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