Patrick Mahomes

2018 Mahomes Painting by AO

Patrick Mahomes

By Anthony “AO” Oropeza (2018)
Media: Acrylic / Surface: Canvas / Size: 24″ x 36″
Original: Sold


The “Mahomes” – An AO Original

If you are a fan of any NFL team, you have heard about the Chiefs phenom QB in AO’s home town of KC. Every Chiefs fan and non-football fans in KC are super excited about this new record breaker on the grid iron.

KC Action41 NOW Nov2018 AO Interview

In only his first year as starting quarterback, Patrick Mahomes’s star has shined the brightest since the great Len Dawson in the late 60’s. Without a doubt, Mahomes, in just the first 4 weeks of the 2018 season, has out performed most of the NFL quarters and has given the Chiefs a 4-0 start.

Mahomes Artwork Featured in The New York Times

On October 14, in print and on the web, AO and his “Mahomes” painting were mentioned/featured in The New York Times.



The October 4, 2018 New York Times showing Kansas City sports artist AO's "Mahomes" painting at the top of the page.


A Hometown Original

And of course, one of KC’s favorite home town artists, Anthony “AO” Oropeza, would celebrate his new “gun-slinger’s” outstanding start and the excitement he has brought to the entire city with an original piece of Patrick Mahomes art in action.

A Versatile Designer/Artist

Although AO has been painting multiple baseball art pieces, he will never shy away from any or all opportunity or the inspiration of painting other sports figures or non-sports figures. With the love for all sports and challenging project, AO brings an excitement and a passion for realism to the moment.

“Designing and painting this piece challenge to a piece like this is not only to make sure the player looks like the player, but to make sure there is a level of energy and focus on the player – and most importantly, that the viewer, fan, sports lover or not,  sees it”, says AO.

Interested In Your Own Original?

Interested in purchasing this piece or commissioning your own original painting? Please contact the AOART5 Studio.

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