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AO FIne Arts

AO & AOART5’s Fine Art Collection

Not only does create sports art, character art, logos, and graphics, AO also paints amazing pieces of fine art!

Painting is a passion with Anthony “AO” Oropeza. “Fine Art Artist” is just one title AO holds in the art world today.  With his brilliant color combinations, stunning energetic images and composition, or his subtle tones and lighting – he brings an energy or a mood to each and every unique piece.

His creativity and dedication to excellence on the canvas has lead him to many outstanding pieces in many genres.

His wide artistic range extends to genres like portraits, abstracts and more.

Mother Teresa by Anthony AO Oropeza




La Señorita by Anthony AO Oropeza


If interested in your own creation for your collection or as a gift – contact us for a quote.



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