Mother Teresa

Anthony AO Oropeza's - Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa

By Anthony “AO” Oropeza
Media: Mixed Media / Surface: Wood Panel / Size: 4′ x 2′
Not For Sale / Prints Available

“Mother Teresa” – Original Art by AO

In one painting, AO has somehow captured Mother Teresa of Calcutta in a moment of serenity.  One can feel the serenity, emotion and reverence of such an iconic figure.

The Painting That Started It All

AO’s recreation of this enormously honored and respected human being, who dedicated her life to serve others, is a testament that proved to the artist that his work could also serve others.

 Anthony AO Oropeza's - Mother Teresa 

With such a reverent subject, AO was clearly inspired to create an amazing representation that evokes a pure emotional experience of a largely respected personality that was bigger than her body’s small frame.  Mother Teresa proved, no matter how large or small a person, that serving your fellow man and woman was all.

A painting twenty years in the making, the idea for this endeavor came when AO clipped an image of Mother Teresa the day after her passing in 1997 (September 5, 1997) and promised to paint his version of her once he felt he had the skills to paint a piece and “do it justice.”

 Anthony AO Oropeza's - Mother Teresa 

Sixteen years later in 2013, while going through a old portfolio of work, AO came across the image and thought, “If I don’t give it a shot now, I’ll never do (paint) it.”

The piece was not a commission piece (in 2013 commission pieces were rare or non-existent), and the piece was not created for a First Friday show (not a regular thing for AO in 2012-13), and it was not intended to be submitted for competition – it was just for him.  A test of some sort.

After many evening and weekend hours, AO pushed to create an image on wood that would evoke emotion and show respect to the late 1962 Ramon Magsaysay Peace Prize winner, the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize winner, and the 2016  canonized (recognized by the Catholic church) saint.

Mother Teresa by Anthony AO Oropeza

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