The Work

The Work of AO & AOART5

Pursuit of Good Design on Screen, Paper or Canvas

AO brings an energy and love of many of those athletic influences to the canvas.  His pursuit of top notched quality, design, color contrast, creativity and balance, like an athlete, is one of his top priorities.

Visually seeing one of AO’s sports portraits, the viewer experiences the painter’s passion for his subject and his ability to show depth, rawness and color contrast.  AO wants the athlete to “jump off” the canvas. His “coming at cha'” poses and graphic design-like compositions have an uncanny sense of poster-ready quality.

Sports Art


AO’s gritty, blue collar background and upbringing is reflected in is his unrestricted but controlled painting techniques: he uses bold lines, an abstract mix of colors, aggressive and contrasting colors and various shapes and forms to enhance the complimentary background space.

Fine Art

AOART5 Fine Art Image

His media include acrylic paint, oil paint, latex paint, stencils, spray paint, canvas, wood and masonite.  AO often confesses – “In art, if the piece needs it – I’ll use it.”

Character Art

AOART5 Home Page Character Art

He hopes one day to be mentioned in the same breathe as some of the greats like Holland and Neiman – but knows there is still much work to be done and so much more to learn.  Until then, he will grind away on project after project, at the drawing table, lap top and at the canvas to make his next great piece better then the one before – just a like any athlete at work – focus, technique, repetition and gritty determination.

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