Travis Kelce – KC World Champions

Kelce-Kansas City Champs by AO Top Banner

Kelce – Kansas City Champions

By Anthony “AO” Oropeza
2022 / Media: Acrylic & Mixed Media / Surface: Wood / Size: 36″ x 48″
Original: Sold


The “Kelce – Kansas City Champions” – an AO Original

What does a wife get her husband who is a lifelong Chiefs fan, a fan of AO’s sports art and a huge fan of Travis Kelce – for his retirement?  The answer is an easy one – she gets him a one-of-a-kind custom AO Original painting of Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce.

The “Kelce – World Champions” is one of AO’s latest originals and one of three retirement pieces he has created in early 2022. This 36×48 mixed media on wood creation is fantastic collaboration between artist/designer and client. As AO always says, “When it comes to either my painting, web design or graphic design – the foundation is in the questions and the planning”,  and that has been proven with this amazing piece.

AO’s work, first and foremost, highlights the intent to showcase his subject – the Pro Bowler, future Hall of Famer, Travis Kelce. Second, AO was asked to incorporate a number of small elements to personalize the piece without taking anything away from the centerpiece – the athlete.


Kelce-KCChamps- by Anthony AO Oropeza of AOART5


An AO Original – A Retirement Gift Like No Other

With AO’s signature abstract colorful background, he incorporated a different color pallet at the request of the client. The client wanted to incorporate the colors of blues and pinks from the championship event’s design campaign and AO hit the target!  And then came an even bigger request … could he customize the piece by adding small images of the couple within the design?  The answer was a definite – “Yes”!

Working with the client and asking questions about what they want is part of the awesome process of creating something special for them both – the person ordering the gift and the person receiving the gift.

As AO always says, “When it comes to either my painting, web design or graphic design – the foundation is in the questions and the planning.”


Commission Your Own AO Original?

With AO only able to create a limited number of originals per year, now is the time to get your name on the AO Project List for your very own AO Original.  Visit our Commissions page for commission details or our Contact Page to ask AO any questions and/or to schedule a visit to the AOART5 Studio in beautiful downtown Overland Park, KS.


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