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Design: Logos & Graphics!

AO has over 15 years of graphics and branding experience.  Not mention, he is also an experienced painter, publisher, muralist and writer, so art, design and the web are in his DNA – along with coffee.

AO’s experience in web, marketing, branding, design, newsletters and social media has brought him to a very important point in his career – to help others on their journey of traveling down a successful web/social media path.

Logo Design

AO has full-time position as a Web & Graphics guy here in KC, but enjoys helping others with their special projects.  He will never claim that he is to be an expert at any one particular field, but he will claim that he has extensive knowledge in these categories:  design, graphics, marketing, branding and social media.

The Work

Logo Design: Open Gate InterNational
OpenGate International-anthony-oropeza-logo-design



Logo Design: Strike Out Slavery
Strike Out Slavery Anthony Oropeza Logo Design



Listen – Question – Research – Submit – Get to Work!


First cup of coffee is on us (if you’re in KC)!
Fees will vary.  We suggest a cup of coffee, a phone call, or both – so we can chat before we do anything.  Not every design or job is doable based on time and amount or work needed.  So once the scope of the project is understood, then the adventure can begin!


(note: AO is not the person in this image.)

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