Lorenzo Cain

Lorenzo Cain, Outfielder, Kansas City Royals

Lorenzo Cain, Outfielder, Kansas City Royals – Painting by Anthony “AO” Oropeza

Lorenzo Cain – Kansas City Royals

By Anthony “AO” Oropeza
Original Available / Media: Mixed Media / Surface: Canvas / Size: 3′ x 2′
1 in a Series of 5
Original $3,500



The 1st of 5 in “AO’s: “The Kansas City Royals Series of 5”

AO has a great appreciate for outfield play, especially after his nick name “AO” was given to him by his KCK neighborhood friends in the late 70’s.  And once he saw the letters “A” “O” flashed on the giant Royals Stadium screen after Kansas City Royals All-Star and Golden Glove outfielder Amos “AO” Otis stepped to the plate or made a great play in centerfield, he was proud to have his initials associated to such a cool Royals player.

AO’s passion for baseball and the Royals since the late 70’s has made this piece something special and original. Like the Royals, AO’s skills have increased due to trial and error and putting certain pieces in place.  Now, Oropeza has started the Royals Series of 5 with the Lorenzo Cain leading off.

This 3ft x 2ft mixed media, mostly acrylic in canvas…

The other Royals ball players on the list to be painted are Mike Moustakas, Eric Housmer, Alex Gordon and Salvador Perez. Keep an eye an AORT5.com for the latest on the series.

About Lorenzo Cain

Outfielder for the Kansas City Royals,Lorenzo Cain was drafted him in the 17th round of the 2004 MLB Draft from Tallahassee Community College in Florida.

In 2014, he placed in the top ten in the American League in batting average (.301) andstolen bases (28). Known for his defensive acrobatics, he has won two Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Awards for outfielders and one Fielding Bible Award. Further, he won the 2014 American League Championship Series Most Valuable Player Award due in part to his defensive play.

His defensive prowess continued in the World Series against the San Francisco Giants, where he made a catch at the wall in Game 1. Cain made two more spectacular diving catches in Game 3 to help preserve a 3-2 victory for the Royals. In the crucial Game 6, in which the Royals face elimination, Cain went 2-for-3, with a single, double, and two walks, driving in three runs while making another running catch in Kansas City’s 10-0 rout of the Giants to force a Game 7. However, the Giants won Game 7 and the World Series.

Without the play of Lorenzo Cain and many of his teammates, the  Kansas City Royals would have had a tougher time making the World Series.

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