Disney’s Mushu by AO

Only $25


Art to Help

AO is creating a a variety of 8.5 x11 pencil drawings of his favorite characters to help raise money for a friend’s hospital bills. Your new original will go straight from AO’s drawing table to you!

These are one time only pencil sketch originals – no prints.  Check out the AOART5 Store to see what’s available.



Collectors, Get It Today!

AO will have a collection of examples of his work and one or two (WIPs) works-in-progress on display at this monumental event so kids and fans of all ages can see not only finished pieces but they can check out and work in the early stages.  AO will be there to discuss if you are interested in obtaining your own AO Original as well.

AO will post all drawings, when available, on his social media channels.  So follow his work on any or all three social media outlets: (FB / IG / TW).

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