AO Commission Art

An AO Original – For Fans, Collectors and Families

The Commission Work by AO

AO, an extraordinary sports painter, portrait painter, designer and artist, out of Kansas City, with an exceptional eye for layout, composition and the addition touch of grit to his work.

Every project is designed with thought, intent, passion and over 20 years of art & design experience.

Prices / Fees

Project fees vary.  We understand budgets and the love of original art for your home, business or man/woman-cave.

We also understand the desire for a piece created by AO, so we are glad to discuss your budget to determine what he can create for you.

AOART5 will be  glad to chat with you about your budget is and what can be created for you.

Original Art

AO’s original sports and portrait painting commissions range from approx. $1,500* to 1,900* for a minimum 3’x 2′ piece (*shipping, handling and tax added after).

AO’s 3’x 4′ commission pieces range from approx. $3,800* and up (*shipping, handling and tax added after).

AO’s original comic book and character art commissions range from approx. $800* to $1,800* for a minimum 3’x 2′ piece.  (*shipping, handling and tax added after).

(Web, graphic, logo design, consulting and other non-painting work are based on an hourly wage.)

Here’s How It Works…

Your Commission / Freelance Project

Please rest assured, AO treats all commissions/freelance projects with the utmost attention and care, no matter what the subject or size.

Get a Quote

Give us details about what you would like painted, designed, drawn.

Let AO ask a few questions and listen to your concerns and needs.  Then let’s discuss details (reference images, price, size*, S&H, etc.) Visit our Contact page then we will contact you within 2-3 business days and discuss the project.

Down Payment – Secures Your Place on the AO’s Project List

The down payment starts gets the project rolling. Once AO believes your project can fit within his and your schedule, that he can meet your deadline, and once your down payment is receive, you will be notified and your project is secured and locked-in on the AOART5 Project List and can not be bumped.

Down Payment is Non-Refundable

The down payment is non-refundable incase the customer decides to cancel the order after the project materials (rights to all photography, reference materials, canvas, paint, sketches, etc.) have been purchased, layout, design, finalized, applied and months/weeks reserved for your project work.

Making a Down Payment

We’ll invoice you with down payment amount – via PayPal.

AOART5 Project List

Once your down payment is receive, you will be notified and your project is secured and locked-in on the AOART5 Project List and can not be bumped.

Payment Process 3 Steps

1) Place Down Payment (see above)
2) Pay half of the quoted amount
3) Final amount paid before shipped
or final amount paid at at pick-up or delivery


By AO – If AO/AOART5 LLC cancels the project for any personal/business and if he is not able to work on the project after receiving a down payment, the customer will be refunded in full – 100%.

By Customer – If customer cancels an order for whatever reason, the initial down payment is non-refundable.
If you cancel your order and AO completes the project, the piece may be available and open to any buyer to purchase.


Kansas taxes apply for all Kansas residents

Shipping / Handling (US Only*)

If not in the KC Metro Area, or unable to pick up the piece in KC, AOART5 studio will build a  custom crate container for out of city shipping, and we will be glad to ship it to you*.

*An additional amount (approx. $300) will have to be added for the shipping and handling of your piece. The amount will be determined based off of your address, so amounts will vary based on distance and size of the piece and will be an additional charge.


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