AO Commission Art

Commission Your Very Own AO Original?

We all love original art.  AO loves creating original art.  And YES, AO loves working on sports art, but his work is not just limited to sports.

AO’s versatility with style, color and subject matter based allows for a wide range of design and artistic possibilities for your collection, our gift or your office space.

Sports, family portraits, CEO portraits, advertisements, rodeos, cars, waterfalls, abstracts and much more, AO’s original work is one-of-a-kind.

Does Your Business Need Art Work?

Your business space could be filled with a collection of AO’s original or prints to bring life and feel to your conference rooms, hallways, and offices.  Select from his current collection or discuss your ideas and commission your own collection of originals for your space.

AO’s love for sports, baseball and the Royals has inspired him to continue his Royals original artwork.

Cost for an Original?

Price ranges will vary per piece and per project.  Collector, business, or regular Joe, no matter who you are, if you are interested in an original piece, a print or a series, let’s discuss your artistic needs – just contact us .

Ordering and AO’s Project Work List

When you commission a piece of work, your order is placed on AO’s Project Work List.  For more information about AO’s Project Work List visit our Ordering page.

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