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Catalina Melgoza - AOART5 Contributing Writer

Catalina Melgoza – AOART5 Contributing Writer

Coming Soon – Articles
Ladies and gentlemen, we here at would like to let you know that we have found a new writer to contribute to our Article section, and we are very excited to work with her!

Our Article section is a cool section of articles and write-ups that we want to share with our viewers about a number of things pertaining to our art experiences, business experiences, our client experiences, project work and community stories through this life at AOART5.

One of AOART5’s new goals is to post cool, informative, up-lifting articles at least once every two months, and then eventually every month (fingers crossed)for the next 12 months.

Since AO has been a bit too busy lately, he has decided to ask and find help – and he found someone close to home and in the business for our first 2019 article!

Our First Contributing Writer – Catalina Melgoza
Her name is Catalina Melgoza!  She a UMKC grad and currently works for a local sports radio media group, and we are glad to have her aboard contributing articles about art, sports, comic, design & more.

Here are a few things about our new young contributing writer…

  • 2019 BA in Communications Studies, Minor in Latino Studies – University of Missouri – Kansas City
  • 2015-16 Cable Pull/Truck Clips- K-State HDTV, Manhattan, KS
  • 2018 Podcast Host and Board Operator – UMKC Campus Radio – KCMO
  • 2018 Editorial Assistant- Northeast Newspaper, KCMO
  • 2018-19 Radio Host/DJ – One Kansas City Radio, KCMO
  • 2016-19 – Promotions Assistant, Union Broadcasting, OPKS

We plan to post her first article Friday (July 19, 2019). Please keep an eye on it and let us know what you think!.

Best of luck to Catalina!

Write for Us – Be a Contributing Writer
If you are an aspiring writer and you love art, design, sports, comics, any of our work, and you want the contribute and let the 12 viewers of our site 🙂 see your work, contact us!

You do not have to be a college grad, you just have to have a good story idea, take direction, be flexible, and expect little to no pay (until we get a sponsor).

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