Sports Paintings

Have a favorite sports athlete? Then you'll love how AO's can bring your's to life on canvas. Commission your original today!

Fine Art

Art collectors or agencies will love the wide range of style and the creative flexibility each piece presents.

Comic Book Art

Need character art work? Sketch, Ink, Storyboard and More! Have a project or campaign that needs help? We'd love to compliment your project!

AOART5: A Small Studio with Big Talent

AOART5, A Studio Pursuing Masterful Artistry and Design While taking on challenging projects and creative endeavors, AO & AOART5 continue to build a rich and professional reputation of creativity across the country.
The unique thing about it all, all is accomplished by working nights and weekends!

LATEST SPORTS PAINTING: "Albert's 600" Anaheim Angels - Albert Pujols

Anaheim Angels: Albert's 600 by AO Oropeza

Check Out: AO's recently completed painting of the 600th Home Run moment of Albert Pujols!

LATEST ROYALS PAINTING: "DUFFY" KC Royals Pitcher - Danny Duffy

Kansas City Royals: Danny Duffy by AO Oropeza

Check Out: AO's recently completed painting of KC Royals Pitcher Danny Duffy!

RECENT SPORTS PAINTING: "Ventura" KC Royals Pitcher - Yordano Ventura

Kansas City Royals: Yordano Ventura by AO Oropeza

AO's recently completed, a painting of KC Royals Pitcher Yordano Ventura!
Visit the "Ventura" page.

KC Royals 1st Baseman - Eric Hosmer

Kansas City Royals: Eric Hosmer  by AO Oropeza

AO just recently completed his latest KC Royals painting of one of KC's greatest 1st Basemen!
Visit the "The Hoz" art page and check out the latest work progression video.


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"Jose Fernandez - The Young Phenom" (2017) by AO

"Jose Fernandez - The Young Phenom" (2017) - Miami Marlin's Pitcher