AO’s Art Featuredon KCTV5

January 23, 2021
Nathan Vickers of KCTV5


AO’s KC Chiefs Sport Art on KCTV5

Once again, AO’s work was featured in the KC news media today (Jan 23, 2021) for his love of painting great sport pieces – especially pieces of his favorite hometown teams. For the past few years, AO has been recognized by the media, his peers, and multiple organizations around the region for his multiple pieces of the KC Royals and his art work of the KC Chiefs. The Chief’s success has also given him more of a spotlight with them heading to the AFC Championship for the third time in three years.


One Kansas City’s Premier Designers / Painters / Artists

Since AO took up the brush again around 2012-2013, his three goals were to put 100% into his pieces, to see if his art work could help supplement his income to take care of his young daughter, and to continue to give back (but even more) to his KC communities.

He figured he would give his art work one more shot in 2013 versus taking a position as a coffee shop barista (it was a difficult decision because if you know AO, you know he loves coffee – and Starbucks).  Seven (long) years later, the decision has been paying off a bit. Even with the small amount of success and recognition and what seems like a million disappointments and a few heartbreaks, he had no idea how long the the journey would take or where it would take him. He just knew that once he made the commitment, just like with anything in his life (creative or personal), that when he is all in – that he couldn’t and he wouldn’t quit.



Interested In Your Own Original?

Interested in purchasing this piece or commissioning your own original, please contact the AOART5 Studio.


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