Travois First Friday

Anthony Oropeza (AO's) Sept 2017 First Friday at Travois

A Huge Success! – The First Friday with Sports Artist Anthony “AO” Oropeza ‘s at TRAVOIS – September 1, 2017


AO and AOART5 would like to give a big “THANK YOU” to Elizabeth, Phil, Eva, Katie and the rest of TRAVOIS for a wonderful evening, venue and top-notch hospitality for our First Friday event!

THANK YOU to all family and friends (and social media friends) that attended!


It was an another awesome AO First-Friday event!  The evening included art, laughs, drinks, connections and tacos.  When the doors opened, there was not a line of art lovers waiting to enter AO’s second First Friday event of 2017, but minutes later they started to trickle in.  As they entered and took their first look at the Yordano Ventura and then the original art work, mounted on Travois’s beautiful gallery-styled lobby, that they have either been following on social media or heard about from friends or family.  As patrons approached the work, you could see that eyes of many viewers widened, smiles appeared on their faces and a few said ,”WOW!”, and of course, what has been the norm, friends of AO that haven’t seen his work in a few years made comments like, “Wow, you did this?” or “Man, I never thought you could do this type of work.”
But to AO, either way, they like the work.  Some are amazed.  Then some ask about originals for themselves or family members and say they will show-up for the next one.
Either way, comments or no comments, AO and Travois were glad to see a beautiful crowd attend the organization’s first First-Friday located on the fringe of the KC Crossroads district.
Everybody from the artwork security team, the tacos catering team and the StockYard Brewery (that supplied the tasty beverages) were all top-notch pros that added an extra special element to the evening.





Love art?  Love sports art?  Well Travois located in the CrossRoads District  will hosts it’s first First Friday event featuring KC’s own Antony “AO” Oropeza.  The mission-driven consulting firm, Travois, that focuses exclusively on promoting housing and economic development for American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities, will display AO’s final 2017 public exhibit which will featuring his most recent sports and non-sports pieces – and including various non-sports art and include two of his recent works in progress pieces.

The event will start with a meet and greet, followed by a short Q&A with AO, and then the rest of the evening will be for browsing, chatting with AO and the Travois staff.



AO will have on display art featuring players from the 2015 World Series Team. Art work of players like Royals greats: Eric Hosmer, Salvador Perez,  Yordano Ventura, Danny Duffy, Lorenzo Cain and Mike Moustakas will be on display.  There will also be the most recent piece commemorating the 600th home run  of KC Native, Albert Pujol, and a piece of Mother Teresa.



As the art exhibit gets closer, AO will add cool surprises for those that will be attending.  What will those surprises be? Follow us on AO’s FaceBook page and get the updates first!



Our progression clip of Royals great – Eric Hosmer

Our promo clip from our 2017 ARTSKC Day at the K


Travois – 310 W 19th Terr. KCMO
(2 Blocks south of the Kauffman Center)


Get your Own AO Original or Book a Visit

You will also have the opportunity to chat with AO about purchasing your own original painting of your favorite athlete.


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