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Sports Artist

Sports Artist is just one title, Anthony “AO” Oropeza holds in the art world today.  With his brilliant color combinations, stunning energetic images and use of a graphic design – he is bringing more energy to the sports art world.  Her are a few of his latest pieces of sports work.





Designer of the Art

AO designs his work.  For it to be an original AO sports piece, he has to be able to create it. That means he has to create the layout, design and he selects his own color scheme – anything less – is not an Oropeza original.  As an artist and designer, AO works best when he has total creative freedom.  Clients are more than welcome to provide suggested  images and words for the piece – but AO has final say on the layout and design of the work – if not, its not an AO original.


Price Quote/  Payment / Tax / S&H

Get a Quote

Visit our Contact Us page and give us details about what you would like painted.
We’ll contact you asap (within 24 hrs) and discuss details (reference images, price, size*, S&H, etc.)

Down Payment

– Secures Your Place on the AO’s Project List
The down payment is a non-refundable payment if you cancel your order after the project materials (canvas, paint, etc.) are purchased and/or the layout and design are finalized.

If the project has to be cancelled for any personal/business reasons with AO or AOART5 LLC, and he is not able to work on the project after receiving a down payment, you will be refunded in full.

Down Payment Options – 2 Options

1) Mail: Mail your Money Order to our mailing address
2) Paypal: We’ll invoice you with down payment amount

AOART5 Paint Project List

Once your down payment is receive, you will be notified and your project is secured on the AOART5 Paint Project List and can not be bumped.

Payment Process 3 Steps

1) Down Payment (see above)
2) Pay half at the midway mark
3) Final amount Half Before Deliver


Kansas taxes apply for all Kansas residents

Shipping / Handling (US Only*)

If not in the KC Metro Area,or unable to pick up the piece in KC, AOART 5 will be glad to ship it to you*.
An additional amount will have to be added for the shipping and handling of your piece.
The amount will be detemined based off of your address, so amounts will vary based on distance and size of the piece.


AO’s Current Sports Painting Project List

Take a peek at AO’s  Sports Painting Project list.

George Brett

Mike Moustakas

Salvador Perez

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