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AO and AOART5 are excited to announce that In October 2021, AO & AOART5 entered the NFT world.  AO offers the his fans, friends, followers, art collectors, etc. and the opportunity to obtain a blockchain authenticated NFTs – their own authenticated digital collectible art!

All collectors, sports & non-sports collectors, will now have the opportunity to collect beautifully designed AO NFTs – individual NFTs or as a collection of NFTs!  And as an added bonus, collectors who obtain a one-of-a-kind AO NFT or NFTs may have opportunity to obtain the original piece of art work their purchase (this depends of if the piece is available.  Most AO Originals, if not a commission, sell before they are completed).


Currently Available: AO NFTs – Collections and Individuals?

AO plans to offer a wide range of collectables – both collections (group NFTs) and individual (single) pieces.  These NFTs will be unique digital art assets/images and some will be never put on paper prints a true one-of-a-kind.

AO’s new NFT page is opened in October of 2021 is at

His first collection of NFTs is of his original 2017 work called La Senorita.


Recent Releases at the AOART5 OpenSea page …

The La Senorita Collection 1 by AO – 5 piece collection

La Senorita NFT Collection 1 by AO



What are NFTs?

Basically, NFTs are unique digital art assets/images that are sold to investors/collectors on the blockchain (a very large secure server system). The NFTs include a variety of art that can translated into digital form — such as paintings, drawings, music, video, digital images, memes, or a combination of the media.

The blockchain verifies that the item is an original, unique item that can’t be duplicated, hence the “non-fungible” part of the term.

The NFT creator (AO) places the item (artwork) up for sale on a blockchain platform ( for AO). If it’s purchased, the new owner gets possession of the item (NFT) via a smart contract. In the best-case scenario, the item accrues in value. The owner may try to re-sell the NFT for a profit. If the item (art) is resold, the original artist can attach a royalty agreement to the NFT so that every time the work changes hands, the artist receives a percentage of the sale – and – each sale after.


Advantage for NFTs

For artists, per our research, the NFT blockchain system allows artists and content creators to retain their full copyright. It also allows the artist it extend a longer reach to collectors around the world and most importantly, it allows the artist to still generate revenue without giving up their copyrights.

For the collector – per our research, NFTs allow the collector the opportunity to obtain the original piece during the sale and the opportunity to resell the digital image within the blockchain system.


How Do NFTs Go Up in Value?

Per our research, NFTs with a high ownership history value are often created or issued by artists or companies with a strong brand. There are two ways to increase value. First is to co-operate with companies or individuals with a strong brand to issue NFT tokens. That naturally brings traffic and users to the ecosystem.  Second is for the artist to generate his/her own strong brand of work, and popularity and promote via their own media streams.


Do Your Research Before You Invest / Collect

Our Disclaimer – Just like any investment or collectible purchase, AOART5 and AO (and his lawyers) recommend that before you invest / purchase / collect, with AO collectibles or otherwise, that you do your own research, ask experts, ask questions, look at website reviews and invest/collect with caution – similar to a mutual fund or stock investment or purchasing from an art gallery.

When it comes to NFTs, research show that security of the blockchain is of most importance to secure your investment and to keep its rarity unique and safe.

NFTs are a volatile/moving part of the already ever changing cryptocurrency market. Moreover, even traditional art and collectibles are hard to value and difficult to invest in if you don’t understand the market. It isn’t a great idea to invest in NFTs because you’re apprehensive of missing out on an opportunity.  Invest / purchase after you research.

Note: If you have any questions about AO’s or any AOART5 NFT, you are always welcome to contact AOART5 at any time to verify that the item up or auction is legit.


Interested In Your Own AO Original Painting?

Interested in purchasing your own AO Original and it’s NFT? No problem, please contact the AOART5 Studio and let’s start the process!

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