AOART5’s Mission

Our Mission

AOART5’s mission is to create work with a purpose, to produce high quality meaningful design work for our clients, to collaborate with other artists, to create with the best of our ability, and to help our community by using our creativity, talents and hard work to assist the poor, homeless, sick, youth and uneducated in Kansas City.

Our Principles

– Family First – Always

– To treat all involved in our projects with respect and to communicate at the highest level

– To understand story & design are king

– To change the world or someone’s world one project at a time

– Give what and when you can

– Keep learning

– Meet all deadlines

– Drink just enough coffee

– Laugh more / Smile more

– No Whining

– Hug your loved ones

– Be thankful

– Keep a clean studio

– Pray more / Meditate more


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