Supporting Charitable Organizations –
Donating Art & Books

AO, AOART5 & Strong Ave. Studios enjoy sharing our sports, comic book art and creativity with local charitable organizations whenever we can.  We also enjoy donating  to organizations outside of our city that are associated with friends of the studio and have meaningful community and education missions.

Donating Art & Books

If you would like to inquire about receiving an original AO art piece or an AO original  print, just drop us a line (Best way is via e-mail).  We would even love to possibly donate some of our AMIGOMAN books or prints to your charitable event!

Contact Us

Please feel free to  CONTACT US at any time.  We’d be glad to offer what we can (based on schedule and time).  We have a small list of info we would like to know about you and your organization before we can donate to your organization.  We’d love to in any way possible.


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