Supporting Charitable Organizations – Donating Art & Books

AO, AOART5 & Strong Ave. Studios enjoy sharing our sports, comic book art* and creativity with local charitable organizations whenever we can.  Although we cannot accommodate all requests, we truly also enjoy donating  prints and other creative work to organizations that work to assist the poor, sick and uneducated.

AO’s and the Studio’s goal are to mutually assist these types of organizations while promoting our small studio.  The promotion of our studios allows us to continually donate work to help others in our community.
(*Note: Due to the time and cost, AO is not able to donate original paintings, unless commissioned.)

Featured Event Artist

AO is also available to be your “Honored Featured Event Artist”.  If you would like to feature an Artist that can create a piece of Sports, Religious, Music, Comic Book or Animation work for your event, AO could by your guy.  If your fundraising event is in need or interested in auctioning in an original or printed piece of work with AO placing the finishing touches and signing it on the spot,  CONTACT US.

Inquiries Welcome

Please feel free to  CONTACT US at any time.  Although we may not be able to accommodate all requests, we’d be glad to offer what we can (based on schedule and time).  We require a small amount of info  about you and your organization before we can donate to your organization.  We’d love to assist in any way possible.

Please include your name, phone, email add, website address, name of charity organization, tax id, mailing address, purpose of charity, date of event.

(*Note: Out of town organization are responsible for shipping and handling.)

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