On the Radio: Interview KKFI with Maria Vasquez Boyd

AO On the Radio [NOTE: Please note that AO is not a trained writer – in any sense.  He is well aware of his varied writing style, grammar, and that his proofing skills need a bit of work – and because there is not a writer on staff – yet.…


KC Sports Artist Attracting Major League Clients

Designer/ Artist Anthony AO Oropeza

  KC SPORTS ARTIST ATTRACTING MAJOR LEAGUE CLIENTS By Theresa Kelsay – Contributing Writer Kansas City has a sports artist who’s been selling his paintings to sports fans and MLB players around the country. If you know Anthony “AO” Oropeza or if you follow him on social media, you might know…


“Doubt: I’m Not Good Enough” by AO

[Before I start – let me note that I am not a trained writer in any sense.  My writing style just depends on sleep, caffeine and maybe the help of another more experienced writer (for editing assistance).  My grammar varies and my proofing needs a ton of work – mainly because…