“Art – The Great Connector” – by AO

AOART5 About Us Art[Before I start – let me note that I am not a trained writer in any sense.  My writing style just depends on mood, sleep and caffeine and maybe the help of another.  My grammar varies and my proofing needs a ton of work – mainly because I was an awesome “C” student all throughout school (and pretty much now).  Never the less, I am putting it out there – my art, my books, my designs and now my blog.  Why? For a couple reasons – for promotional reasons, behind the scenes reasons and for younger  artists coming up reasons.   So if you’re  a critic and hate bad writing, do not read this.  If you can read beyond the mess – roll the dice.  Thx.]

My topic for this month (October 2015) will be about art and its ability to connect (PS – I just decided that I am going to do a monthly blog to be posted on my two main sites (AOART5.com & StrongAveStudio.com)).   So let’s see what good comes out of this writing blog stuff, and if I forget to post, feel free to contact/remind me, if it matters) – Octobers’ blog post:

“Art – The Great Connector”

September and October have been very busy months for me and I have am very very thankful for those who have trusted me with their projects and am very thankful for those who are assisting me in my various projects – Lorenzo, Jon, Theresa, Haley and AG – you guys are saints, and I will do my best to help you benefit from all your hard work as best I can down the road.

So these past couple of “busier-than-normal” months, even though I have not been getting much sleep (which is par for the course), nor hitting the gym as much as I should (I know ladies, I know, I’ll try to do better :)), I have seen that the work has started to open up a few doors and get me a bit more local recognition – artistically and creatively.  Which is cool – but not my goal.  And the work, actually posting my work on a few social media outlets has cracked open a few more doors to not only potential new work projects  (instead of me asking for work) but also to meeting new people, re-connecting with old friends (on-line and in-person) and getting inquiries from people about my other unseen works like plays, chapter books, consulting and other written/drawn creations (cartoon/animation concepts and live action film ideas) and those have all been a real good things too.

Also, I am really appreciative of all the positive the feedback from those I know and those I have never met (the on-liners).  And although I am conditioned enough to take the artistic criticism hits from others (thanks family and art school), lately its been more good than bad – like an 85/15 split. Extremely better than I ever expected and better than what I  have been accustomed over the past 20 years.

With all the connections and re-connections I have made – the biggest in my “artistic career” yet came to me on a recent Sunday morning.  I had the pleasure to chat with this gentleman, “thee” giant in the industry of sports art, for one hour, eighteen minutes and twenty six seconds (1hr:18min: 26 sec.).  It was incredible!  Why?  How?  Because he liked my some of my recent work.  He saw it via my FB account.  He requested a few postcards of my art (which floored me) and a month or so later I messaged him (with my finger crossed like some fan-girl)  asking if I could pick his brain about his work, his process and the business.

I waited a few days and no return message.  no, I didn’t pull the gallon of ice cream out of the freezer and sulk.  I just waited.  Then BOOM!  I got the FB message and the connecting continued – we figured out a good time to chat and then played phone tag for a couple calls once our schedules allowed, we chatted – and man it was cool.  It was like talking to Bruce Lee – a master.  I just sat and listened.  I asked short and quick questions and listened.  If he asked a question – I stopped myself before I went too long and let him speak.  I also jotted down notes – 3 pages full.  He let me in on  few tricks of the trade and a few secrets I will keep in the vault forever.  I was in total awe and I was honored.  It was similar, but not quite as high of a level as meeting other famed individuals I have met like Darius Rucker and Adam West to name a few (since I’ve never had the opportunity to meet George Brett or Eddie Vedder),  because in this case, I had an actual conversation with this gentleman.  He, like many these days, and I believe because of my recent work, took me serious.  And I think he took me serious because I have been taking my own work more seriously.  And the fact that he requested some of my work and then gave me a few minutes of his time – solidified that I might be on the right path – artistically.  And with that – his, and the other new and reestablished friendships and acquaintances, I am thankful for.  Thankful for the connections and re-connections – and believe it or not, its not because of my awesome smile, perfectly gelled hair or my comedy golden humor 🙂 – that stuff has always been there, but I believe it was because of the art.  The art.

Keep drawing – keep painting – keep grinding,

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