2018 Alcott Center Sports Art Exhibit

Anthony AO Oropeza 2018 Sept. 8 Alcott Art Show

3-Sports Artist Exhibit*
Featuring Anthony “AO” Oropeza
Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018 / 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
at Alcott Arts Center!

Other Artist include Darryl Woods & Corry Jones



Darryl & Cory’s work will be on display until Oct. 6th


All Chiefs, Royals and Art Lovers Invited!

It’s a sports art show exhibit like never before at KCK’s Alcott Art Center!  AO, along with 2 other great artists, will be displaying a number of great sports art work!

KC Royals season with AO & team at their 3rd Annual Season Opener Sports Art Exhibit!

AO’s Work Displayed – One Night Only!

Due to future scheduled shows, AO’s full exhibit will only be on display for one night only – Sept 8th’s Opening Recetion!  So to get the full up-close and personal effect of his work – That night is your only chance.

Home Town Feel – Big City Quality

With KCK, being the home town of Darryl and AO (Cory is from Springfield, MO), Darryl and AO felt it was a no-brainer to have a sports art exhibit at one of KCK’s local art centers – the Alcott Art Center!

AO, a KCK native growing up in the Argentine district, is honored to show his work in a hometown art center along with two other popular KC artists.

AO, who has had huge success with his sports art for the past 4 plus years he has clients or owners of his work with the likes of Major League players or families such as: future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols (Angels), Jarrod Dyson (Arizona Diamondbacks), the Yordono Ventura family, Danny and Sara Duffy KC Royals), Dee Gordon (Seatle Mariners), Eric Hosmer (San Diego Padres), Salvador Perez (KC Royals).

A portion of AO’s sales will be donated to the art center for future youth activities and programs.  Contact us to get on the e-mail list for event pre-order discount code.

Darryl Woods, a KCK native, is a licensed Lucus Film artist and Chiefs fan favorite who year-round donates his time and work to many local charities.  Check out his work via his Facebook page.

Corey Jones, a Springfield, MO resident, AKA “The Artist Chief”, will bring his high level of Chiefs passion and his unique style of sports art to the show.  Check out his work via his Facebook page.

A portion of AO’s sales will be donated to the art center for future youth activities and programs.



A Kid-Friendly Event

This event is a kid-friendly event and there will be free coloring and art for the little ones (all that is asked is that parents please respect the original art work of the artist).

AO Past Features


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Artwork Feature on a FOX Pre-Game Intro


Check out more AO Features at AO’s Clips page


Alcott Art Center at 180 S. 18th St. KCK

(Across the street from Sun Fresh grocery store)



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